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released October 28, 2016

Written, performed, and produced by Russ Miller.

This concludes the Pittsfield Trilogy. Everyone back in their own beds.

RH 1064


all rights reserved



Magnificent Wrecks

Music lovingly handcrafted on a secret island using only the highest-quality electrons. And, you know, guitars and stuff.

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Track Name: Waiting
I'll be waiting on the shore,
Where we always met before,
Where we talked about the sky,
Where the secret lovers fly.

If I seem to fade away,
I return on every wave.
I receive you loud and clear.
I am waiting for you here.
Track Name: Maybe
The view is fine
From the bottom of the well.
I can see the stars.
Or maybe they are birds.

Maybe I sleep.
Maybe I wake.
Maybe I'm alone
And I have found my home.
It's all the same.

I can see the moon
A single night in every year,
I never can recall.
And I feel very small.
Track Name: Festival of Sad
The Festival of Sad begins right now.
Step inside the gloom,
Brighten up the room.
We'll adjust your gleam
Till it can't be seen.
The night is long
But we are strong,
And we are down, down.
We are down, down, down.

The Festival of Glad is down the hall.
You can hear them roar.
Better close the door.
We will sing a song of sorrow deep,
'Cause it makes us cry
And it helps us sleep
When we are down, down.
We are down, down, down.

The Festival of Sad is winding down.
I was glad I came,
'Cause I learned your name.
Somewhere on the outside there's a place
On a quiet street
Where we'll never meet.
And we are down, down.
We are down, down, down.
Track Name: Breaking Down the Line
This does not look like pain.
What are you saying?
What are you saying?
It always looks like this with me
Breaking down the line,
Breaking down the backline.

I might lie to keep you near,
Or I don't even want you here.
I've lost the way to someplace
Breaking down the line,
Breaking down the backline.

When you wish upon a star,
It kind of matters who you are.
You might reach the stage to find they're
Breaking down the line,
Breaking down the backline.
Track Name: All I've Ever Known
Look at all the people in the street
Dreaming things they never would repeat.
Some have a soul.
Some may not even know.
And I must walk alone.
It's all I've ever known.

I can make you easy in your mind.
I can find your memories in time.
Think of a day.
I can show you the way
And leave you on your own.
It's all I've ever known.

There's a place that no one can describe.
I will know I'm there when I arrive.
I can't explain
Why it all looks the same
And why it feels like home.
It's all I've ever known.
Track Name: If Only Life Could Be Like This
I haven't seen you since this morning.
I am glad to see you now.
We will talk again this evening
At this table, gathered 'round.

If only life could be like this.
None of us would ever want to leave.

Some may come and some may go.
We may not notice right away.
We will pick up where we left off
When you come back to us one day.
Track Name: Someone Was Here
This is how it goes,
My secret, I suppose.
Lost in my time,
Feeling for the line
That leads up to the air.
Someone must have pulled it out of there.

Someone was here.
Someone knows the way.

Up in the light
They dream of soothing night.
Oceans of fear
Mean nothing to me here.
Where the water falls
Somewhere far above the seabirds call.
Track Name: Nothing Will Ever Be Right
Why, why can't I say
One thing that I mean,
Simple and true,
And what I intend to do?

I would prefer not to be here now
May or may not be a lie.
And in conclusion, I'm not quite well
And nothing will ever be right.

Well, well I believe
I could tell it all
If I could find
Time in the cracks of time.
Track Name: Follow
Before you go,
Play one more note,
And I will try to follow.

Too late now
To mean anything,
But I will try to follow.

Did you feel
One moment
Something real?
Something nameless?

Just like this, gone.
Silently gone.
I won't follow.
Track Name: Lucid Interval/Relapse
What is that light?
I see. Just the moon.
I lie here in my bed,
Someone's bed.
This room,
Someone's room.

I hear a voice.
One more, speaking low.
I have not given up.
I just meant to try,
Try it on for size.
Track Name: And So
Long day,
And so at last
I reach the door
With nothing more to say.

Here tonight,
Still in sight,
Lands of light and shade.
Things that I have made.

And so,
Free to go
Wherever I,
Wherever you desire.

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