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At Home on Hollow Earth

by Magnificent Wrecks

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Unexpected 04:02
How could I know At my window Where the wind blows That's where she goes Waiting near me Not to hear me Not to take care Just to be there
Fallen Birds 05:00
No one is an island But someone is at sea Standing, he can touch the ground And he looks around Way up in the sky above Floating rafts of stars Whisper as they sail away And I can say goodbye The fallen birds have lost their nerve I hear them as they cry I'm with you now Here with you now Someday we will fly Soaring through the clouds again Laying on the grass Speeding through the Milky Way As it rolls away in the dark Sit in my hand Sleep to my voice This will not help you at all Someone is afraid of you I am like the dawn Flashing while you sleep away In the light of day I'm gone
Now comes the night of secrets And in the morning we are two Strangers, but there must be some mistake There must be some mistake The mask that I was wearing No longer fits me and I feel Lonely as the wind across the plain Searching for the rain With every question I fade away a little more And you can watch Or turn away As it suits you Still, I fade And in the afternoon I Will chase the sun across the floor Trapped in shadow Silent as the dust Blowing where I must
I'm all right Feeling fine Coming to Sifting through Grain by grain I can't explain What I fear Things align Things disperse My decline Could be worse Stone by stone My great unknown I'm still here
Winter Song 03:19
When you fall awake Please remember me If I start to shake Soothe me tenderly It's not hard to fake And I would gladly take the gift Out there in the street Snow is falling It's all the same to me I came calling Because I had to see If you could shelter me Too much to ask Of anyone What did I expect? Nothing more than this Something indirect Your uncertain kiss As I peel away my skin That's no way to begin I give up everything Something no one wants
I live in a city surrounded by trees But it might be a desert With the drunks and the junkies All turning their faces away from the wind Nobody comes from this place But some of us never will leave here It's a beautiful city A beautiful life But I wish I was home There's no way to get there Where is my home? The place that has died has a place in my mind And I'm tempted to stay there I may be living there more than I am aware Comes a time when my mind will burn down Like the city that died long ago And after I'm gone there'll be nothing at all All the fine desolation reminds me of loneliness Bought with my freedom So I live like a king But I want to go home
She Waited 06:03
She waited a long, long time She waited a long, long time What does it matter? She had her reasons I hear her voice and I turn She went to the riverside She went looking for things that fly But when they saw her They fell from the sky She could not shed a tear She did what she wanted to Just as we all must do If you tried to prevent her She knew a secret All roads lead away from here
I Fall 05:07
When I fell asleep I dreamed that I was sleeping I did not awake For a thousand years Nothing much had changed I fall Right through it all Looking up at the sky Everywhere I go Someone's already there Such a strange Idea It seems to me We should start again I would like to hold you If I were made of flesh But I am just an inkling A firefly Blinking in the dark


released May 29, 2013

All songs by Russ Miller, who also sang. played the instruments, plugged in the microphones, watched the blinky lights, did the dishes, and took out the trash.



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Magnificent Wrecks

Music lovingly handcrafted on a secret island using only the highest-quality electrons. And, you know, guitars and stuff.

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