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The Abandoned Life

by Magnificent Wrecks

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We fell in love Because we did not know what else to do. I could not stop. I did not feel quite human and you did not seem quite sane. I said, "no names" And you began to tell this story. Say the words and trail the clouds of glory. Hey -- I don't know why you are here. From time to time I break myself to fix myself again. And just because I'm talking to myself It doesn't mean I have to listen. There's no name to cover up our naked story. Say the words and trail the clouds of glory Hey -- I do like the way you smile. If I offered you bread, Would you ask me for a stone instead? And say goodbye? And sadly die? Now talk is cheap But silence is expensive, don't you know. Don't fall in love Unless you want to end up in the song With all the other nameless shades, Who now begin to tell this story. Say the words and trail the clouds of glory. Hey -- I will always think of you.
This is your house. This is your shelter and your cell. When the wind blows Are you walking in your mind? Standing out in the rain, See the light in the lane, The candle on the wall. What is there for you at all? Make up your mind. Stay or be gone -- it's all the same. This is your house. This will never be your home.
I'm walking in the sun. Or maybe that was yesterday. I'm looking straight ahead, But I can't seem to find my way. But I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid anymore. The man I used to be, Walking slow and far behind. The man I will become, Dreaming now and feeling fine. There's a light too faint to see. You can feel it in the air. I look into the east And see the sun that dares to rise. I turn into the west And let the darkness fill my eyes.
When I give myself to you, That is all that I can do. When there's nothing left of me, I am lost and I am free. My demon rides. Blood in your eyes. Flames of love fill the skies And nothing can survive. Then we go home. It will always be the same. I need a better class of pain. If I'm the hero of this play, Why does the villain save the day? I am not sleeping. I see the sky. Clouds in the moonlight Just drifting by. Now the sky is bright and clear. Now the morning finds me here.
Tripping on the stairs, I can't find the words to say my prayers. It's so simple I will not ever learn How the thing is done -- How to tell the truth to anyone. I can find the door. I remember when I wanted more. It's so simple I will not ever learn How the thing is done -- How to take the hand of anyone.
You, just passing through, You got no home -- I'm from there, too. Meeting on the street: that's good luck, So take your seat. We may be down -- take a look around. Of all the stops along the way, This is where we are today. Yeah, yeah, I don't mind. Everything revealed in time -- Or else just leave it all behind. Me, I am not free as long as I need air to breathe. Rain, my ball and chain. Her hands are cold and I am lame. She knows my shame, Whispers my name. Then I'm hanging out to dry Under the great big evil eye. See, you look at me. You're thinking, "how can he help me?" Worse, I saw you first. I saw your hunger, saw your thirst. That's my big lie. Mud in your eye. I got nothing for your pain -- Just a story in the rain.
They say it can't be done. Then who am I to think I'll be the one? I'd rather go out in a flash of light. Tonight, while everyone is sleeping, I say a prayer for nothing, Just to pass the time. They don't hear the call. You can't be hanging on to anything at all. The rest is easy. When you turn around, I'm gone. While everyone is sleeping, I cross the floor once more, Walk out the door.
One perfect day, I walked out the door into the street. I figured it out: I would just do what I knew was right. Oh, why did I leave my home? I made my way and I made my way, But I did not find my way. I walked my road, I carried my sins, heavy and slight. A river of men walking this road, One at a time. One perfect day, I walked out the door into my life.
Though I tried to leave you, You were never far. I said I could not love you, But I still don't know who you are. What can you tell me? Who speaks for you? Which of us is real? Which of us is true? Stand by my side. I am found And you are bound to me. Now the broken window, Now the open door. The chairs are on the table, The candle on the floor. What did you leave here? Was there something more to say? What can you return to When you walk away?


released August 30, 2014

Written, performed, and produced by Russ Miller

Special thanks to Keith Forman and Bryan House, Jr., for their contributions to the arrangements of "Nameless Jane" and "I Did Not Find My Way."

RH 1063


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Magnificent Wrecks

Music lovingly handcrafted on a secret island using only the highest-quality electrons. And, you know, guitars and stuff.

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